Coveo DevOps Challenge

The Challenge

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to develop an AWS S3 storage analysis tool. To test your tool, you will have to create a free Amazon account (if you don’t already have one).


The tool is a shell command line utility (could be either Windows, Mac or Linux) that returns informations over all S3 buckets in an Amazon account.

The tool must returns the following informations:

  • Bucket name
  • Creation date (of the bucket)
  • Number of files
  • Total size of files
  • Last modified date (most recent file of a bucket)

The following options should be supported:

  • Ability to get the size results in bytes, KB, MB, ...
  • Organize the information by storage type (Standard, IA, RR)
  • Filter the results in a list of buckets (bonus point for regex support)
  • Ability to group information by regions

Some additional features that could be useful (optional)

It would be nice to support prefix in the bucket filter (e.g.: s3://mybucket/Folder/SubFolder/log*). It may also be useful to organize the results according to the encryption type, get additional buckets informations (life cycle, cross-region replication, etc.) or take into account the previous file versions in the count + size calculation.

Some statistics to check the percentage of space used by a bucket, or any other good ideas you could have, are more than welcome.


  • Your are free to use the programming language and the SDK of your choice.
  • We will test your work over our environment (which contains millions of files). The overall performance of your tool will be evaluated.
  • Your code must be made available as a git fork of our challenge or any other public version control software.


  • Try to design and implement your solution as you would do for real production code. Show us how you create clean, maintainable code that does awesome stuff. Build something that we’d be happy to contribute to. This is not a programming contest where dirty hacks win the game.
  • Feel free to add more features! Really, we’re curious about what you can think of. We’d expect the same if you worked with us.
  • Documentation and maintainability is a plus.
  • Don’t you forget those unit tests.